We were previously given an opportunity to purchase a second hand picking line/station which was in a poor state of repair. We were able to complete the necessary repairs to bring the system back to a fully operational condition and our eventual customer was ecstatic with the finished product that had been achieved comfortably within their budget and at a considerably reduced cost of a new system.      

       We offer:

  • Picking conveyors
  • Standard conveyors
  • Hopper feeders
  • Motors
  • Gearboxes

Below is the second hand picking line/system that we purchased and once we had completed the necessary refurbishment it was considerably improved. We completed the repair work, fabricated new pen walls (as these were unsalvageable) to raise the system off the floor sufficiently to enable a  waste skip to go underneath. We plated and reinforced the loading hopper, greased all the existing drums, idlers, rollers to enable free flowing movement, and electrically test the motor drive unit.

The experience we gained from carrying out the refurbishing work on this system enabled us to offer complete new system to customers requirements/specifications and we have since sold a number of these. Please contact us if you are in need of a picking line/system to discuss your requirements.                        

(The picking line below has now been sold however we have others in stock)