General Fabricated Products

Here at Roform we have completed many bespoke products, such as balconies, spiral stair cases, bottle stores, gates, lifting beams, lifting frames just to name a few. We take your vision and turn it into a reality. Our design team visits different sites all over the country to get your requirements just right. Then once we get the go ahead we will design, fabricate and install within your required deadline.





This is a lifting beam with a S.W.L of 2.0t that we recently completed. It was finished in a golden yellow and was completed with all necessary paperwork.


These are an example of tyre stands we completed in 2014. They were required by a company who wanted to show of their new excavator tyres at a convention which they attend yearly and at their head offices. Once these were completed we first painted them grey primer and finished them in a black gloss.

This is a plasma cutting discharge bin, which was required in a rush and we quickly turned around for the customer. It was required by their safety officer as prior to the bin being installed the molten metal was going all over the floor space in the factory. This was finished in a golden yellow.

These are brackets which were fabricated out of high grade 25mm plate, with multi run welds.